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    The polymorphism at the microRNA-155 binding site in AGTR1 gene is not significantly associated with rheumatic heart disease in Saudi Arabia population  Carlus, S Justin; Carlus, Fiona Hannah; Al-Harbi, Mazen Khalid; Al-Mazroea, Abdulhadi H; Al-Harbi, Khalid M; ... more authors 2020Bentham Science PublishersArticle
    A Whole-Genome Sequencing Association Study of Low Bone Mineral Density Identifies New Susceptibility Loci in the Phase I Qatar Biobank Cohort.  Younes, Nadin; Syed, Najeeb; Yadav, Santosh K; Haris, Mohammad; Abdallah, Atiyeh M; ... more authors 2021MDPIArticle