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Serum Uric Acid Level Is Positively Associated With Higher Bone Mineral Density at Multiple Skeletal Sites Among Healthy Qataris  ibrahim, wisam nabeel; Younes, Nadin; Shi, Zumin; Abu-Madi, Marawan Abdelhamid2021Frontiers MediaArticle
Mitochondrial dysfunction and cell death in neurodegenerative diseases through nitroxidative stress  Akbar, Mohammed; Essa, Musthafa Mohamed; Daradkeh, Ghazi; Abdelmegeed, Mohamed A.; Choi, Youngshim; ... more authors 2016Elsevier B.V.Article
Temporal, geographical and demographic trends of stroke prevalence in China: a systematic review and meta-analysis.  Liu, Jinli; Shi, Zumin; Bai, Ruhai; Zheng, Jinge; Ma, Shuang; ... more authors 2020AME PublishinArticle
The circadian syndrome predicts cardiovascular disease better than metabolic syndrome in Chinese adults.  Shi, Z; Tuomilehto, J; Kronfeld-Schor, N; Alberti, G K; Stern, N; ... more authors 2020WileyArticle
The Effects of Gum Acacia on the Composition of the Gut Microbiome and Plasma Levels of Short-Chain Fatty Acids in a Rat Model of Chronic Kidney Disease  Al-Asmakh, Maha; Sohail, Muhammad Umar; Al-Jamal, Ola; Shoair, Banan Mosaad; Al-Baniali, Asmaa Yousef; ... more authors 2020Frontiers MediaArticle
Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes and Its Association with Added Sugar Intake in Citizens and Refugees Aged 40 or Older in the Gaza Strip, Palestine.  Jebril, Majed; Liu, Xin; Shi, Zumin; Mazidi, Mohsen; Altaher, Akram; ... more authors 2020MDPIArticle
Higher egg consumption associated with increased risk of diabetes in Chinese adults - China Health and Nutrition Survey.  Wang, Yue; Li, Ming; Shi, Zumin2020Cambridge University PressArticle
Dietary Supplements: Are Current Policies Adequate for Promoting Health?  Shi, Zumin; Yan, Alice2020MDPIArticle
Implementing 360 Quantified Self for childhood obesity: Feasibility study and experiences from a weight loss camp in Qatar  Fernandez-Luque, Luis; Singh, Meghna; Ofli, Ferd; Mejova, Yelena A; Weber, Ingmar; ... more authors 2017BioMed Central Ltd.Article
Dietary patterns and glycaemic control among Qatari adults with type 2 diabetes.  Alaradi, Marwa; Ouagueni, Asma; Khatib, Rim; Attieh, Grace; Bawadi, Hiba; ... more authors 2020Cambridge University PressArticle
Growing Burden of Hypertension in China: Causes, Challenges, and Opportunities  Shi, Zumin; Sun, Xiaomin; Yan, Alice; Wang, Youfa2020Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC)Article Review
Changes in preventive care utilisation and its influencing factors among Chinese adults before and after the healthcare reform: cross-sectional evidence from the China Health and Nutrition Survey in 2004-2015.  Wu, Ting Ting; Liu, Wei Wei; Zou, Mao; Lei, Xun; Yang, Qiang; ... more authors 2020BMJ Publishing Group LtdArticle
Cadmium Intake, Dietary Patterns and Hyperuricemia Among Adults in China  Shi, Zumin2020SpringerArticle
Nutritional quality and health risk of pepper fruit as affected by magnesium fertilization.  Lu, Ming; Liu, Dunyi; Shi, Zumin; Gao, Xiaopeng; Liang, Yi; ... more authors 2020wileyArticle
Comorbid diabetes and the risk of disease severity or death among 8807 COVID-19 patients in China: A meta-analysis.  Guo, Li; Shi, Zumin; Zhang, Ya; Wang, Cuicui; Do Vale Moreira, Nayla Cristina; ... more authors 2020ElsevierArticle
Trajectories of Dietary Patterns, Sleep Duration, and Body Mass Index in China: A Population-Based Longitudinal Study from China Nutrition and Health Survey, 1991-2009.  Cao, Yingting; Xu, Xiaoyue; Shi, Zumin2020MDPIArticle
Age and gender specific cut-off points for body fat parameters among adults in Qatar  Bawadi, H.; Hassan, S.; Shanbeh Zadeh, A.; Sarv, H.; Kerkadi, A.; ... more authors 2020BMCArticle
Perceived risk, behavior changes and Health-related outcomes during COVID-19 pandemic: Findings among adults with and without diabetes in China  Yan, Alice F.; Sun, Xiaomin; Zheng, Jinge; Mi, Baibing; Zuo, Hui; ... more authors 2020Elsevier Ireland LtdArticle
TLR4 Receptor D299G/T399I Haplotype Polymorphism Is Associated with Insulin Resistance in Obese Female Subjects  Sharif, Elham; Al-Wakeel, Mariam; Mohamed, Afnan; kerkadi, Abdelhamid; Rizk, Nasser M2020ElsevierArticle
Waist Circumference and Risk of Liver Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of over 2 Million Cohort Study Participants  Rahmani, Jamal; Kord Varkaneh, Hamed; Kontogiannis, Vasileios; Ryan, Paul M; Bawadi, Hiba; ... more authors 2020Karger Publishers Open AccessArticle

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