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AuthorZghal, Raida Zribi
AuthorElleuch, Jihen
AuthorAli, Mamdouh Ben
AuthorDarriet, Frederic
AuthorRebaï, Ahmed
AuthorChandre, Fabrice
AuthorJaoua, Samir
AuthorTounsi, Slim
Available date2017-02-19T08:47:15Z
Publication Date2017-01
Publication NameApplied Microbiology and Biotechnologyen_US
CitationZghal, R.Z., Elleuch, J., Ben Ali, M. et al. "Towards novel Cry toxins with enhanced toxicity/broader: a new chimeric Cry4Ba / Cry1Ac toxin" Appl Microbiol Biotechnol (2017) 101: 113.
AbstractAttempts have been made to express or to merge different Cry proteins in order to enhance toxic effects against various insects. Cry1A proteins of Bacillus thuringiensis form a typical bipyramidal parasporal crystal and their protoxins contain a highly conserved C-terminal region. A chimerical gene, called cry(4Ba-1Ac), formed by a fusion of the N-terminus part of cry4Ba and the C-terminus part of cry1Ac, was constructed. Its transformation to an acrystalliferous B. thuringiensis strain showed that it was expressed as a chimerical protein of 116 kDa, assembled in spherical to amorphous parasporal crystals. The chimerical gene cry(4Ba-1Ac) was introduced in a B. thuringiensis kurstaki strain. In the generated crystals of the recombinant strain, the presence of Cry(4Ba-1Ac) was evidenced by MALDI-TOF. The recombinant strain showed an important increase of the toxicity against Culex pipiens larvae (LC50 = 0.84 mg l−1 ± 0.08) compared to the wild type strain through the synergistic activity of Cry2Aa with Cry(4Ba-1Ac). The enhancement of toxicity of B. thuringiensis kurstaki expressing Cry(4Ba-1Ac) compared to that expressing the native toxin Cry4Ba, might be related to its a typical crystallization properties. The developed fusion protein could serve as a potent toxin against different pests of mosquitoes and major crop plants.
SponsorThis work was supported by grants from the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
SubjectBacillus thuringiensis kurstaki
SubjectChimerical protein Cry(4Ba-1Ac)
SubjectToxicity improvement to Culex pipiens
TitleTowards novel Cry toxins with enhanced toxicity/broader: a new chimeric Cry4Ba / Cry1Ac toxin
Issue Number1
Volume Number101
dc.identifier.essn 1432-0614

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