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    Brain Microstructural Changes Support Cognitive Deficits in Normal Children Born to HIVinfected Mothers  Santosh Kumar Yadav, Rakesh K Gupta , Sabah N Ahmed , Sheema Hashem , Ajaz A Bhat , Ravindra K Garg , Vimala Venkatesh , Muhammad W Azeem , and Mohammad Haris.; Yadav, Santosh Kumar; Gupta, Rakesh K; Ahmed, Sabah N; Hashem, Sheema; ... more authors 2018Conference Proceedings
    Genetics of structural and functional brain changes in autism spectrum disorder.  Hashem, Sheema; Nisar, Sabah; Bhat, Ajaz A; Yadav, Santosh Kumar; Azeem, Muhammad Waqar; ... more authors 2020Springer NatureArticle Review