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AuthorAl-Ansari, Ebrahim M.A.S.
AuthorAbdel-Moati, Mohamed A.R.
AuthorYigiterhan, Oguz
AuthorAl-Maslamani, Ibrahim
AuthorSoliman, Yousria
AuthorRowe, Gilbert T.
AuthorWade, Terry L.
AuthorAl-Shaikh, Ismail M.
AuthorHelmi, Ahmed
AuthorKuklyte, Ligita
AuthorChatting, Mark
AuthorAl-Yafei, Mehsin A. Al-Ansi
Available date2017-06-05T10:14:41Z
Publication Date2017-06-04
Publication NameMarine Pollution Bulletinen_US
CitationEbrahim M.A.S. Al-Ansari, Mohamed A.R. Abdel-Moati, Oguz Yigiterhan, Ibrahim Al-Maslamani, Yousria Soliman, Gilbert T. Rowe, Terry L. Wade, Ismail M. Al-Shaikh, Ahmed Helmi, Ligita Kuklyte, Mark Chatting, Mehsin A. Al-Ansi Al-Yafei, Mercury accumulation in Lethrinus nebulosus from the marine waters of the Qatar EEZ, Marine Pollution Bulletin, Available online 4 June 2017
AbstractTotal mercury (THg) and methylmercury (MeHg) were recorded in the commercial demersal fish Lethrinus nebulosus, caught from six locations in Qatar EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone). Concentrations of THg decreased in the order: liver ˃ muscle ˃ gonad. THg concentrations in fish tissue ranged from 0.016 ppm in gonad to 0.855 ppm (mg kg−1 w/w) in liver tissues, while concentrations in muscle tissue ranged from 0.24 to 0.49 ppm (mg kg−1 w/w) among sampling sites. MeHg concentrations were used to validate food web transfer rate calculations. Intake rates were calculated to assess the potential health impact of the fish consumption. There is no major threat to human health from the presence of Hg in L. nebulosus, based upon reasonable consumption patterns, limited to no more than three meals of L. nebulosus per week.
SponsorQatar National Research Fund (QNRF) under the National Priorities Research Program (NPRP) award number NPRP 09-505-1-081
SubjectLethrinus nebulosus
SubjectQatar EEZ
SubjectArabian Gulf
TitleMercury accumulation in Lethrinus nebulosus from the marine waters of the Qatar EEZ

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