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AuthorJohnson, N.R.
AuthorRoberts, M.J.
AuthorDoi, S.A.
AuthorBatstone, M.D.
Available date2017-06-11T10:11:10Z
Publication Date2017-01
Publication NameInternational Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeryen_US
CitationN.R. Johnson, M.J. Roberts, S.A. Doi, M.D. Batstone, Total temporomandibular joint replacement prostheses: a systematic review and bias-adjusted meta-analysis, International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Volume 46, Issue 1, January 2017, Pages 86-92
AbstractThe aim of the present study was to determine which prosthesis has resulted in the best outcomes after total temporomandibular joint replacement (TMJR). A comprehensive electronic search was undertaken in September 2015. Inclusion criteria encompassed studies that described one of the three current TMJR systems and that had pre- and postoperative data on at least two of the following TMJR indications: pain, diet, function, and maximum inter-incisal opening (MIO). Sixteen papers were included in the systematic review, reporting 10 retrospective studies and six prospective studies (no randomized controlled or case-controlled trials). A total 312 patients with 505 TMJ Concepts prostheses, 728 patients with 1048 Biomet prostheses, and 125 patients with 196 Nexus prostheses were included in the analysis. There was no real difference between the various TMJR systems in terms of pain or diet scores. Function scores improved with the TMJ Concepts, but this was the only prosthesis for which data were available. Biomet prostheses appeared to have a greater increase in MIO mean gain compared to TMJ Concepts and Nexus prostheses; however this was heavily biased by one study. Without this study, there was no real difference in MIO. It is concluded that the prostheses are similar, but most data are available for the TMJ Concepts prosthesis, with results being favourable.
SponsorMJR is supported by a Doctor in Training Research Scholarship from Avant Mutual Group Ltd, Cancer Council Queensland PhD Scholarship, and Professor William Burnett Research Fellowship from the Discipline of Surgery, School of Medicine, The University of Queensland. No funding was received from TMJ Concepts, Biomet/Lorenz, or TMJ Implants/Nexus for this study.
Subjecttemporomandibular joint
Subjectjoint replacement
SubjectTMJ Concepts
Subjectsystematic review
TitleTotal temporomandibular joint replacement prostheses: a systematic review and bias-adjusted meta-analysis
Issue Number1
Volume Number46
elsevier.identifier.scopusid 85006822807

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