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Assessment Of Turbulence Models For Hydrofracturing Slurry Transport Simulation In Horizontal Perforated Pipe  Youssef, Mohamed Khairy Mohamed2020Mechanical EngineeringMaster Thesis
Tribo-Mechanical, Biocompatibility, and Corrosion Properties Investigation of Zirconium and SST 304 by Application of Hydroxyapatite/Reduced Graphene Oxide/Palladium-Platinium Nanocomposite Coatings  AlYafei, Huda Fadol S.2020Mechanical EngineeringDissertation
Recognizing Stereotyped Behavior in Children with Autism  Faraj, Ranim Haisam2020ComputingProfessional Masters Project
Generative Adversarial Networks Based Reconstruction and Restoration of Cultural Heritage  Jboor, Nesreen Hamadallah2019ComputingMaster Thesis
Application of Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Tender Evaluation: A Study Using ANP Model  FALAMARZI, MOHAMMAD HASSAN I M2020Engineering ManagementProfessional Masters Project
How Qatar’s Food System Has Impacted By Blockade? A Global Trade and Supply Chain Analysis  Al Abdulmalek, Noora Abdulla2020Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Environmental Life Cycle Assessment on Aluminium Production Industries  Al-Henzab, Fahid2019Engineering ManagementProfessional Masters Project
Physical Layer Secuirty Techniques for RFID Systems  Desouky, Gehad Essam2020Electrical EngineeringMaster Thesis
Applying Decision Tree Algorithms to Develop Go/No Go Decision Model for Owners  Lutfi, Hamza M Amin2020Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
A Finite Element Investigation of Existing Pipework Vibration Acceptance Criteria  Khammassi, Mehdi2020Mechanical EngineeringMaster Thesis
Factors Influencing the Mechanical Properties of Geopolymer Mortar Made of Fly Ash  Rabie, Mohamed Hassan Kamel Hassan2020Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Development of Polymeric Crosslinkable Formulations for Conformance Control In Oil and Gas Reservoirs  Shamlooh, Mohamed Saeed2020Environmental EngineeringMaster Thesis
Development of Variable Message Sings Strategies for Traffic Management at Work Zones  Almallah, Mustafa Suhail Sulaiman2020Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Novel Techniques for Blockchain-enabled IoT Systems Leveraging Reinforcement Learning  Mhaisen, Naram Sultan2020ComputingMaster Thesis
Eco-Efficiency Assessment Of Electric Vehicles In The European Union Countries: The Case Of Mix-Sources Of Energy  Al-Nuaimi, Munera Hamad Butti2020Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Construction Projects Delay Mitigation Framework Using Balanced Scorecard and Quality Function Deployment  Al-Naimi, Nasser Homoud2020Engineering ManagementProfessional Masters Project
Rail Robot for Rail Track Inspection  AlNaimi, Noora Rashid2020ComputingMaster Thesis
Capacity Analysis of Single-Lane Roundabouts in The State of Qatar  Albeitjali, Naeem Nasser Naim2020Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Fabrication of Fouling Resistant Ti3C2Tx(MXene) Cellulose Acetate Nanocomposite Membrane for Forward Osmosis Application  Alfahel, Radwan Ahmad Firas2020Civil EngineeringMaster Thesis
Pilot-Scale Investigation of Osmotic Concentration for Reducing Wastewater Injection Volumes in Qatari Gas Fields  Jalab, Reem Abrahim2020Environmental EngineeringMaster Thesis

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