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Becoming Linked In: Leveraging Professional Networks for Elite Surveys and Interviews  Dicce, Ryan P.; Ewers, Michael C.2019Wiley-BlackwellArticle
Meanings of Women's Agency: A Case Study from Qatar on Improving Measurement in Context  Qutteina, Yara; James-Hawkins, Laurie; Al-Khelaifi, Buthaina; Youn, Kathryn M.2019Taylor and Francis Ltd.Article
Labor Camp Surveys in GCC Countries: Group Quarter Subsampling  Le K.T.; Pancratz S.; Diop A.2019SAGE Publications Inc.Article
Crisis, state legitimacy, and political participation in a non-democracy: How Qatar withstood the 2017 blockade  Gengler J.; Al-Khelaifi B.2019John Hopkins UniversityArticle
Citizens and expatriates satisfaction with public services in Qatar - evidence from a survey  Abdelkader Benmansour N.2019Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article
Who Supports Honor-Based Violence in the Middle East? Findings From a National Survey of Kuwait  Gengler J.J.; Alkazemi M.F.; Alsharekh A.2018SAGE Publications Inc.Article
DETERMINANTS OF PARENTAL CHILD’S SCHOOL PREFERENCES IN QATAR  El-Kassem R.C.; Sellami A.; Al Qassass H.2019Gyandhara International Academic PublicationsArticle
Randomization in small sample surveys with the Halton sequence  Le K.T.; McRoy M.; Diop A.2018European Survey Research AssociationArticle
Competence and Electability: Exploring the Limitations on Female Candidates in Qatar  Shockley B.2018RoutledgeArticle
ثلاث دقائق قانون: الأسس الدستورية لسن التشريعات العقابية  السيد, حسن2020Article
ثلاث دقائق قانون: عمان، والأسس الدستورية لوراثة العرش  السيد, حسن2020Article
ثلاث دقائق قانون: قانون الجنسية وتجانس المجتمع  السيد, حسن عبدالرحيم2020Article
An overview of open government data in developed countries: A comparison study between the state of Qatar & UK  Al-Kubaisi, Ali Selham2019Article
Exploring Local Governance and E-Services in Qatar  Benmansour, Nada Abdelkader; Lari, Noora Ahmed; Shockley, Bethany2019IGI GlobalArticle
Definitions of educational leadership – Arab educators’ perspectives  Sellami, Abdel Latif; Sawalhi, Rania; Romanowski, Michael Henry; Amatullah, Tasneem2019Taylor & FrancisArticle
Crisis, State Legitimacy, and Political Participation in a Non-Democracy: How Qatar Withstood the 2017 Blockade  Gengler, Justin; Al-Khelaifi, Buthaina2019Middle East InstituteArticle
Welfare Index of Migrant Workers in the Gulf: the Case of Qatar  Diop, Abdoulaye; Mustafa, Semsia Al‐Ali; Ewers, Michael; Kien Le, Trung2019WileyArticle
Qatar Against The Blockade
Alternative Title: دراسة قطر في مواجهة الحصار

Al-Sayed, Hassan Abdulrahim; Al-Ansar, Majed Mohammad; Al-Khater, Lolwa Rashed; Al-Abul Qader, Khaled Shams; Al-Kubaisi, Fatima Ali; ; السيد, حسن عبدالرحيم; الأنصاري, ماجد محمد; العبدالقادر, خالد شمس; الكبيسي, فاطمة علي; الراكب, نوف عبدالهادي; ... more authors 2017Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI)Article
The Impact of the Blockade on the Industrial and Financial Sectors in Qatar
Alternative Title: أثر الحصار على القطاع الصناعي والمالي في قطر

Social & Economic Survey Research Institute, SESRI2019Social & Economic Survey Research Institute, SESRIReport

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