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    “Safe” Chitosan Zinc Oxide Nanocomposite Has Minimal Organ-Specific Toxicity on Early Stages of Zebrafish Development  Younes, Nadin; Pintus, Gianfranco; Al-Asmakh, Maha; Rasool, Kashif; Younes, Salma; ... more authors 2019American Chemical SocietyArticle
    Salinity inhibits seed germination of perennial halophytes Limonium stocksii and Suaeda fruticosa by reducing water uptake and ascorbate dependent antioxidant system  Hameed, Abdul; Rasheed, Aysha; Gul, Bilquees; Khan, M. Ajmal2014Elsevier B.V.Article
    Salt water corrosion resistance of electrodeposited Ni-layered silicate nanocomposite coatings from Watts' type solution  Ahmad, Yahia H.; Tientong, Jeerapan; D'Souza, Nandika; Golden, Teresa D.; Mohamed, Adel M.A.2014Elsevier B.V.Article
    Sarcoptes-World Molecular Network (Sarcoptes-WMN): integrating research on scabies.  Alasaad, Samer; Walton, Shelley; Rossi, Luca; Bornstein, Set; Abu-Madi, Marawan; ... more authors 2011ElsevierArticle
    Saudi Arabia in Struggle for the Chinese Oil Market: the Price War as Necessity  Kozhanov, Nikolay2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
    Saudi Arabia: More Room for Wahhabism Lite?  Aarts, Paul2020Gulf Studies CenterArticle
    Scale effects on the relationships between land characteristics and ecosystem services- a case study in Taihu Lake Basin, China  Bai, Yang; Chen, Yuanyuan; Alatalo, Juha M.; Yang, Zhangqian; Jiang, Bo2020ElsevierArticle
    Scanning Electron Microscopic Studies of Microwave Sintered Al-SiC Nanocomposites and Their Properties  Himyan M.A.; Penchal Reddy M.; Ubaid F.; Shakoor R.A.; Mohamed A.M.A.2018Hindawi LimitedArticle
    Screening of surfactants and polymers for high temperature high salinity carbonate reservoirs  Kamal M.S.; Sultan A.; Hussein I.; Hussain S.M.S.; AlSofi A.M.2018Society of Petroleum EngineersConference Paper
    Seat belt and child restraint systems : ESRA2 Thematic report No. 8  Nakamura, Hideki; Alhajyaseen, Wael; Kako, Yoko; Timmermans, Chantal; Kakinuma, Toru2019International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences (IATSS)Report
    Secure smart contract-enabled control of battery energy storage systems against cyber-attacks  Mhaisen N.; Fetais N.; Massoud A.2019Elsevier B.V.Article
    Self - cleaning superhydrophobic coatings: Potential industrial applications  Latthe S.S.; Sutar R.S.; Kodag V.S.; Bhosale A.K.; Kumar A.M.; ... more authors 2019Elsevier B.V.Article
    Self-healing performance of multifunctional polymeric smart coatings  Habib S.; Khan A.; Nawaz M.; Sliem M.H.; Shakoor R.A.; ... more authors 2019MDPI AGArticle
    Self-repairing composites for corrosion protection: A review on recent strategies and evaluation methods  Vijayan, Poornima; Al-Maadeed, Mariam2019MDPI AGArticle Review
    Sensing, Measuring and Modelling the Mechanical Properties of Sandstone  Antony S.J.; Olugbenga A.; Ozerkan N.G.2018Springer-Verlag WienArticle
    Seroprevalence of hepatitis E virus among blood donors in Qatar (2013-2016)  Nasrallah, Gheyath K.; Al Absi, Enas S.; Ghandour, Rula; Ali, Nadima H.; Taleb, Sara; ... more authors 2017WileyArticle
    Seroprevalence of herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 in Indian and Filipino migrant populations in Qatar: a cross-sectional survey  Nasrallah, Gheyath; Dargham, Soha; Harfouche, Manale; Abu‐Raddad, Laith2018World Health OrganizationArticle
    Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii infection in feral cats in Qatar  Boughattas, Sonia; Behnke, Jerzy; Sharma, Aarti; Abu-Madi, Marawan2017BioMed CentralArticle
    Servant Leadership And Perceived Challenges In Stem Classes: The Reinforcing Role Of Problems And Management Techniques  El-Kassem, Rima Charbaji2019GIAP JournalsArticle