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AuthorAli, Eman
AuthorEl-Fouly, Tarek
AuthorBadr, Ahmed M.
Available date2009-12-30T05:39:41Z
Publication Date2006-06-01
Publication Name6th International Conference on ITS Telecommunications Proceedings 2006
CitationAli, E.; El-fouly, T.; Badr, A., "MESP: A Modified IPSec for Secure Multicast Communication," ITS Telecommunications Proceedings, 2006 6th International Conference on , vol., no., pp.812,816, June 2006
AbstractWe propose the multicast encryption security protocol MESP. It is driven form the IPSEC ESP. The specification of the protocol are discussed and applied the existing IPSEC ESP. We use the existing implementation of the IPSEC ESP; modify it to meet the MESP specifications to implement the MESP. A multicast chat system is used as an application for this protocol
SubjectSecure Multicast Communication
TitleMESP: A Modified IPSec for Secure Multicast Communication

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