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AuthorPokharel S.
AuthorHolguin-Veras J.
AuthorPradhananga R.
Available date2020-03-04T07:37:58Z
Publication Date2018
Publication NameProceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management
AbstractPrepositioning of resources for humanitarian assistance to the victims of natural disaster is an important consideration to mitigate the problem that occurs due to the shortage in the supply of resources. Prepositioned resources should be distributed in the affected areas. Although prepositioning of the resources in natural cases like an earthquake is difficult, it can be done more systematically in the hurricane-prone, flood-prone zones. The distribution mechanism, network, supply of resources and quantities, feasible supply routes and transfer of the materials from one or several supply centers become some of the issues that can be studied systematically through the modeling process and is the focus of this paper. A model is developed and a small case has been used to test the model. The results and repercussions have also been discussed.
SponsorEATON Powering Business worldwide;SIEMENS
PublisherIEOM Society
SubjectDistribution mechanism
SubjectHumanitarian logistics
SubjectResources demand
TitleModeling prepositioning of resources for humanitarian logistics
TypeConference Paper
Issue NumberSEP
Volume Number2018

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