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The integrated impact of new product and market flexibilities on operational performance: The case of the Jordanian manufacturing sector  Alamro A.S.; Awwad A.S.; Anouze A.L.M.2018Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article
Airline capacity strategies: Worldwide analysis, taxonomies and regional comparison  Alkhatib S.F.S.; Migdadi Y.K.A.-A.2018Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.Article
Fashion model profiles: the intersection of self, ideal and preferred  Sharif K.; Raza S.A.; Das A.2018Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article
An examination of the e-commerce technology drivers in the real estate industry  Al Abdallah G.M.; Abou-Moghli A.A.; Al-Thani A.H.2018LLC CPC Business PerspectivesArticle
Grounded theory analysis of successful implementation of e-government projects: Exploring perceptions of e-government authorities  Al-Emadi A.; Anouze A.L.2018IGI GlobalArticle
Do different marketing practices pre-suppose different frames of reference? An exploratory study  Abu Farha A.; Elbanna S.2018Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article
The joint effect of leadership style and organisational justice on employees' work engagement  Gelaidan H.M.; Al-Swidi A.; Al Harbi J.A.J.2018Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.Article
A configuration of managerial assumptions and strategy: Toward a synthesis  Abu Farha A.; Katsioloudes M.I.; Al-Bakri A.2018Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.Article
Leveraging “Green” Human Resource Practices to Enable Environmental and Organizational Performance: Evidence from the Qatari Oil and Gas Industry  Obeidat S.M.; Al Bakri A.A.; Elbanna S.2018Springer NetherlandsArticle
From Elicitation to Persuasion: Assessing the Structure and Effectiveness of Differential Emotions in Anti-Drunk-Driving Campaigns  Becheur I.; Das A.2018RoutledgeArticle
Employee Readiness for Change in Public Higher Education Institutions: Examining the Joint Effect of Leadership Behavior and Emotional Intelligence  Gelaidan H.M.; Al-Swidi A.; Mabkhot H.A.2018Taylor and Francis Inc.Article
Localizing to Arabic consumers: Insights from print advertising  Sobh R.; Singh N.; Chun W.; Benmamoun M.2018RoutledgeArticle
A Triangulation Study to Assess the Perceived City Image in the Arab Middle East Context: The Case of Al-Ain in the UAE  Eid R.; Elbanna S.2018RoutledgeArticle
Internet marketing adoption by iranian distribution industry: An attempt to understand the reality  Zahiri S.; El-Gohary H.; Hussain J.2018IGI GlobalArticle Review
Corporate governance and voluntary risk and forward-looking disclosures  Elgammal M.M.; Hussainey K.; Ahmed F.2018Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article
A comparative analysis of the UN declaration, global business compact, and religious morals in determining global values for business and their application to Islamic marketing  Fraedrich J.; Althawadi O.; Bagherzadeh R.2018Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article
Is internet reporting useful? Evidence from Egypt  Ahmed A.H.; Mardini G.H.; Burton B.M.; Dunne T.M.2018Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article
Technology Adoption and Diffusion: A New Application of the UTAUT Model  BarraneF.Z.; KarurangaG.E.; PoulinD.2018World Scientific Publishing Co.Pte LtdArticle
Rapid Alignment of Resources and Capabilities in Time-Bound Networks: A Theoretical Proposition  AlabdulRazzakM.; Al-KwifiO.S.; AhmedZ.U.2018Global Institute of Flexible Systems ManagementArticle
How the young adult consumer segment responds to trusty and committed marketing relationship  NdubisiN.O.; NataraajanR.2018Wiley-LissInc.Article

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