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AuthorAlbaroodi K.A.I.
AuthorSulaiman S.A.S.
AuthorShafie A.A.
AuthorAwaisu A.
AuthorLajis R.
Available date2020-02-24T08:57:12Z
Publication Date2018
Publication NameJournal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research
AbstractIntroduction: Considering smoking tobacco is a bad habit that drive smokers to nicotine dependence; that argue an urgent need to evaluate factors keep them smoke and how a smoking cessation intervention can affect these factors and minimize their effect. As well as intervention impact on their nicotine dependence and motivation to quit. Methods: This was a randomised controlled trial involving patients with diabetes who smoked tobacco and attended the out-patient diabetes clinic at Hospital Pulau Pinang in Malaysia. Results: Among 126 participants followed over the study period, Malays represent about 41% of the participants. No significant difference between the patients in the two groups with respect to their nicotine dependence. However repeated measures test showed a significant difference over the study period but not with respect to the groups (intervention and control) Fagerstr?m test F (2,220) = 3.663. Significant main effects were found among participants in the different groups with respect to their motivation to quit F (1,110) = 3.975. Conclusion: changing patients behaviour may need consistent and comprehensive intervention for longer time. ? 2018, Pharmainfo Publications. All rights reserved.
SponsorApproval to conduct this study was granted by the Medical Research Ethics Committee of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia and the Clinical Research Centre at Hospital Pulau Pinang, Malaysia (NMRR-11-477-9538).
PublisherPharmainfo Publications
SubjectFactors keep smoking
SubjectMotivation to quit
SubjectNicotine dependence and smoking cessation intervention
TitleSmoking cessation intervention: Can diabetic patients? change their motivation to quit and nicotine dependence?
Pagination2903 - 2906
Issue Number11
Volume Number10

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