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AuthorBawadi, Hiba
AuthorTayyem, Reema
AuthorMuhanna, Safaa
AuthorTuuri, Georgianna
AuthorKeenan, Michael J.
AuthorFaris, Moez
AuthorLosso, Jack
Available date2017-12-10T07:08:39Z
Publication Date2017
Publication NameNutrition & Food Scienceen_US
CitationStage of change toward “9-a-day” not “5-a-day” is associated with lower body weight Hiba Bawadi, Reema Tayyem, Safaa Muhanna, Georgianna Tuuri, Michael J. Keenan, Moez Faris and Jack Losso Nutrition & Food Science 2017 47:6, 829-838
AbstractPurpose- This study aimed to assess the students’ stage of change (SOC) for fruits and vegetables (FV) consumption using the 5-a-day and 9-a-day patterns; to validate a tool to measure SOC for consuming 5-a-day and 9-a-day of FV; and to investigate the relationship between SOC for FV consumption and body weight among Jordanian college students. Design/methodology/approach- A cross-sectional study was conducted, and included a convenient sample of 788 college students (47.7% men and 52.2% women) who completed validated questionnaires which included socio-demographic data, readiness to consume 5-a-day and 9-a-day servings of FV daily, and FV consumption behaviors. Students' heights and weights were measured. SOC for participants was examined using reparation, contemplation, precontemplation, action, and maintenance stages. Findings- The majority (69.9%) of the participants were in the pre-contemplation stage with regard to 9-a-day behavior. Women tended to be classified in the action stage more than men (P<0.001). More than 80% of participants were in a pre-action stage for either consuming 5-a-day or 9-a-day of FV. After controlling for age, gender, and energy consumption, a significant (P<0.05) participants inverse relationship was found between maintenance or action stage of change for consuming 9-a-day behavior and BMI. Students in the maintenance stage for 9-a-day had significantly (P=0.03) lower BMI values that those students in the pre-action stages (23.1±3.9 and 22.5±3.3 respectively). The relationship was not valid for the 5 a day behavior (P=0.1) Originality/value- The current study is genuine and original, and valuable in designing new strategies in lowering obesity and its comorbidities.
PublisherEmerald Publishing
Subjectstage of change
Subjectfruits and vegetables
TitleStage of change toward “9-a-day” not “5-a-day” is associated with lower body weight
Issue Number6
Volume Number47

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