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AuthorBrits, Desiré M.
AuthorBidmos, Mubarak A.
AuthorManger, Paul R.
Available date2019-12-01T09:55:34Z
Publication Date2017-01-01
Publication NameForensic Science Internationalen_US
CitationDesire, Brits. Stature estimation from the femur and tibia in Black South African sub-adults. Forensic Science International Volume 270, January 2017, Pages 277.e1-277.e10
AbstractStature estimation can play a role in the positive identification of unknown individuals and as such it is routinely assessed during the examination of adult remains. Unfortunately, this is not a standard procedure when dealing with sub-adult remains due to the general lack of standard procedures for the estimation of sub-adult stature. The aim of this study was therefore to derive regression equations for the estimation of stature in black South African sub-adults. Fifty nine black South African sub-adult males and females, aged 10–17 years, voluntarily participated in the study by undergoing a full body Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan. Living stature was measured with a stadiometer and the maximum and diaphyseal lengths of the femur and tibia were measured from the MRI scans using the image processing software OsiriX. Pearson's correlation coefficients and linear least square regression analyses were used to assess the correlations between living stature and the measurements and to generate sub-adult stature estimation equations for males, females and a combined sex sample. Measurements of the femur, tibia and the combined measures thereof showed strong statistically significant positive correlations with living stature, while the obtained regression equations were characterized by low standard error of estimates. The strong correlations and low standard error of estimates are comparable to stature estimation models reported for Black South African adults and therefore these variables can be considered good estimators of sub-adult stature which will contribute valuable information to the biological profile of unidentified sub-adult skeletal remains.
SubjectBlack South African
SubjectForensic Anthropology Population Data
SubjectMagnetic Resonance Imaging
SubjectStature estimation
SubjectStature estimation, MRI, sub-adult, femur, tibiae, South Africans
TitleStature estimation from the femur and tibia in Black South African sub-adults
Volume Number270
elsevier.identifier.scopusid SCOPUS_ID:85006750538

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