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AuthorEllili-Cherif, Maha
AuthorRomanowski, Michael H.
AuthorNasser, Ramzi
Available date2016-02-16T13:33:00Z
Publication Date2012-05
Publication NameInternational Journal of Educational Developmenten_US
Citation"All that glitters is not gold: Challenges of teacher and school leader licensure licensing system in Qatar" Ellili-Cherif, Maha; Romanowski, Michael H.; Nasser, Ramzi (2012) International Journal of Educational Development 32(3) p. 471-481
AbstractIn 2001, the Government of Qatar began a comprehensive education reform (Education for a New Era) based on RAND’s recommendations and options for building an educational system that would meet the country’s changing needs. Nine years later, Qatar’s educational landscape has significantly changed. Among these changes is the introduction of Professional Standards for teacher and school leaders and Qatar’s first system for the registration and licensing of teachers and school leaders that are directly linked to the professional standards. This study seeks to analyze school leaders’ perspectives regarding the Qatar National Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders and the recently introduced accompanying licensure system. The study reports results from questionnaires addressed to 74 school leaders. These findings illuminate problematic issues and indicate that these policies use ambiguous terminology and procedures, ignore local educators’ input, and provide unrealistic expectations of society, lack consistency and created resistance on the part of educators. Discussion is provided that centers on the implications of importing educational products and the need to take into account the local culture in implementing these products.
PublisherElsevier Ltd.
SubjectTeacher and school leader licensing
SubjectEducational policy adoption
SubjectEducational policy adaptation
SubjectTeacher and school leader attitudes
SubjectWestern models and local context
TitleAll that glitters is not gold: Challenges of teacher and school leader licensure licensing system in Qatar
Issue Number3
Volume Number32

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